Nest - Interactive Merchandise


Nest Labs, a world leading Smart Home Automation company approached us to improve their customer experiences in retail stores throughout Europe. They wanted to find a solution that would provide shoppers with clear and concise product information, and allow them to experience ownership of Nest products whilst in a retail environment.

We collaborated closely with Nest to secure a tailored hardware and software solution.

We implemented our interactive retail display platform. Presenting the shopper with high definition content in an ultra-responsive, easy to navigate, menu system. Key to the experience was the bespoke product emulations, allowing customers to try before they buy, without the need for physical Nest products on display.

To ensure a robust retail experience, we proposed a market leading touch screen display that is available in a number of different sizes, allowing Nest to accommodate POS displays within different retail spaces.

The displays are increasing shopper loyalty, trust, and brand preference.