NVIDIA - EDGE On Device Demo


NVIDIA® wanted to educate consumers how their powerful Graphic Processing Unit technology works to deliver an awesome gaming experience. They contacted us to discuss the creation of a bespoke interactive demo that could be installed on any laptop or desktop machine that featured an NVIDIA GeForce GTX GPU.

The demo is installed by store staff before they display the computers. Once launched, it runs through an attract loop, with videos of the latest games, calls to action and NVIDIA technology messages. When the shopper interacts with the machine they are presented with more detail about the specs of the graphics card, processor, display size, resolution, memory, and so on. The detected specs in turn offer a deeper view of product selling points than the typical shelf-talker.

Manufacturers can insert whatever additional details their research suggests would help their machines stand out in the store. Retailers can add their own logos and bespoke videos. This is all handled by a simple administrative interface, so there’s no need to refer back to us to action any changes.